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Become a eurucamp Sponsor

Opportunities to sponsor eurucamp are still available. We rely on the generosity of our sponsors to offer an impressive programme of activities, while keeping the event as affordable as possible.

Sponsoring eurucamp is a great way for your company to reach a diverse and talented group of Rubyists, from across Europe (and the World).

Numbers in red are for JRubyConf EU sponsorships. JRubyConf EU sponsors and Eurucamp sponsorships differ in the way their sponsorship is presented. All sponsors will be mentioned on all days in relevant material.

  Leave of chestnut tree Kastanien Leave of linden tree Linden Leave of birch tree Birken
  €4,000 €2,000
Number of sponsorship opportunities 3 2 6 3 Unlimited
Registration (passes) included 4 2 1
Discount on additional passes 50% 40% 20%
On the website
Your logo and link
Detailed profile on your company
Featured blog article on your company
On twitter
A tweet before the day
A 'brought to you by' tweet on the day of the event
On the conference day
A mention on the conference day
A 5 minute talk before the keynote
Your logo on the conference bag
Items you can distribute in bags Unlimited 2 1
Conference display stand
Banner in main conference space Large Medium
Space to distribute freebies

For more information about sponsorship, please drop us a line at sponsor at eurucamp dot org.